Tackling the Current Issues Facing US iGaming

Coming in Spring 2015

Resorts Casino Hotel, Atlantic City

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The American iGaming Summit 2014

Legislators and regulators will attend from a broad spectrum of states to spur a dynamic discussion on what it will take for more states to open up to the industry.

Several states already have gaming regulatory agencies for their brick and mortar businesses; for others, igaming would be stepping into new territory.

Hear discussions about combining various jurisdictions with existing regulatory regimes, the different models available and how the cross cooperation between states might work.

The debate about federal regulation in the U.S. has been ongoing for several years, but despite several tries, to date, no bill has been passed.

Hear from Washington insiders regarding the status of pending legislation and the hurdles that still need to be jumped to make a national player pool a reality.

Its impossible to avoid the public debate from pro and anti gaming forces. Representatives from supporters of internet gaming and those opposed will address the audience.


You will hear from experts about the protections that are in place to prevent money laundering, underage gaming access and geolocation procedures to assure jurisdictional compliance

You will also here how current sites are managing their security to assure that their gaming is free from any outside influence and how customer's private information is secure.


Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware already online - and they have history to study.

Look for operators of some igaming sites to discuss what surprises they have encountered and how they hope to satisfy their audience by providing a quality product and at the same time make the venture profitable.

Tough Questions

We will also be taking a look at what has gone wrong in the industry, things that have tarnished the industry name, those black marks created by a very select few that have cast doubt on many reputable sites in the states and across the globe. By doing so, we hope to show that legal, regulated igaming with competent regulatory agencies can make sure those scandals that are taboo to discuss never happen again here in the US.

Event Highlights


Marketing affiliates are a big part of internet gaming across the world, but are nonexistent here in the U.S. We will be looking at the various state regulations for affiliates, what licensing is necessary for them to take part in being a marketing aid to online sites, and if the current sites have any plans to incorporate such marketing efforts into their business plan.

Payment Processing

Payment processing concerns continue and although there are legal channels in which deposits and withdrawals from verified individuals can be verified and completed on regulated sites, some financial institutions and credit card companies are not taking part. We will hear their concerns and what steps are being taken to make the process more customer friendly.

Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting

Fantasy sports are big business in the US and around the globe. We'll hear from some experts on how this part of gaming fits into the US picture.

Sports betting is legal in limited states in the US, but the Supreme Court of the U.S.A. declined a petition to hear arguments from the lawsuit brought by New Jersey to challenge limiting more states from joining the market. However, Governor Chris Christie’s surprising directive allowing sports betting in NJ casinos and racetracks has been both criticized and praised. Listen to the experts debate what’s next!

Think Tanks

One different aspect of the American iGaming Summit will be the opportunity for more interactive discussions. In that regard, there will be several interactive "think tanks", small intimate gatherings of experts and interested parties to discuss various issues.

There will be think tank sessions with regulators, legislators and others who wish to discuss regulatory questions and concerns for the iGaming realm.